4 Exceptional Wines to Try on Sauvignon Blanc Day

Raise a glass to Sauvignon Blanc! This crisp, refreshing white wine is a favorite around the world, and for good reason. With its vibrant flavors and versatility, Sauvignon Blanc pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes. And to celebrate Sauvignon Blanc Day on May 3rd, we’ve curated a selection of four fantastic bottles to tantalize your taste buds.

The Crossings Sauvignon Blanc: Purity in a Glass

The Crossings Sauvignon Blanc

Journey to New Zealand’s Marlborough region with The Crossings Sauvignon Blanc. This wine boasts enticing aromas of flowering herbs, tropical fruits, and citrus, followed by a palate brimming with concentrated fruit and bright acidity. The finish is complex and mineral, leaving you wanting more.

Food Pairings: Enjoy The Crossings Sauvignon Blanc with fresh seafood dishes like oysters or barbecue prawns.

Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc: A Kiwi Classic

Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand’s Sauvignon Blanc reputation is legendary, and Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc lives up to the hype. This classic expression offers vibrant aromas of grapefruit, white peach, and passionfruit, with a refreshing minerality on the palate.

Food Pairings: Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc shines with delicate seafood dishes like mussels or white meat drizzled with lemon. Tangy cheeses, especially goat cheese, also make a perfect match.

Natura Sauvignon Blanc: Light and Bright from Chile

Natura Sauvignon Blanc

Travel to South America with Natura Sauvignon Blanc. This Chilean delight boasts a light yellow color and a complex nose of lime, grapefruit, and herbal notes. The palate echoes the citrus and herb characteristics, making for a bright and refreshing experience.

Food Pairings: Natura Sauvignon Blanc complements poultry, seafood, soft cheeses, and salads perfectly.

Ferrari-Carano Fumé Blanc: A California Pioneer

Sonoma County’s Ferrari-Carano Fumé Blanc is a true Californian gem. This Fumé Blanc, a term for Sauvignon Blanc in some parts of California, offers enticing aromas of pineapple, mango, and peach, interwoven with citrus and lemongrass. The palate is equally delightful, with ripe stone fruits balanced by crisp acidity. Subtle oak aging adds complexity and depth to this delightful wine.

Food Pairings: Ferrari-Carano Fumé Blanc pairs beautifully with an array of dishes. Enjoy it with classic seafood and poultry, or get adventurous with veal, pork, or even spicy ethnic cuisines.

Sip into Spring with Dunkin’ Spiked Coffees

April is here, and we’re not fooling around when we say it’s time to spice up your spring sips! Get ready to elevate your coffee game with a dash of fun and a splash of buzz, courtesy of Dunkin’ Spiked Coffees. We’ve got the lowdown on these irresistibly spiked delights that are set to become your go-to beverage for a caffeinated adventure.


Original Iced Coffee

Let’s start with the OG – the Original Iced Coffee. Imagine the rich and smooth classic Dunkin’ coffee flavor you love, but with a twist that will keep you on your toes. With a 6% alcohol by volume (ABV), this beverage brings together the best of both worlds. It’s like your favorite coffee shop experience, but with a playful kick!

Caramel Iced Coffee

For those with a sweet tooth, the Caramel Iced Coffee is a symphony of rich, smooth coffee blended with sweet and delicious caramel flavor. It’s like having your dessert and your coffee all in one delightful sip. Get ready to indulge your taste buds in a 6% ABV treat that’s perfect for any occasion.

Mocha Iced Coffee

Dunkin’ knows how to do decadence right, and the Mocha Iced Coffee is no exception. Picture rich, chocolatey goodness that’s approachably decadent, making every sip an indulgent experience. With a 6% ABV, this is the perfect pick-me-up for those moments when you want to treat yourself.

Vanilla Iced Coffee

Last but certainly not least, we have the Vanilla Iced Coffee – a creamy, smooth concoction that’s delightfully sweet. If you’re a fan of vanilla-flavored bliss, this one’s for you. Elevate your coffee break with a 6% ABV that adds a playful kick to your favorite vanilla-infused treat.

Why Choose Dunkin’ Spiked Coffees?

These spiked coffees aren’t just your ordinary cup of joe – they’re a flavor-packed adventure waiting to be explored. Dunkin’ Spiked Iced Coffees bring together the best of Dunkin’s coffee expertise with a spirited twist. Whether you’re a fan of classic, caramel, mocha, or vanilla, there’s a spiked coffee with your name on it.

Luxury Red Wines for Every Budget

Hey, you fabulous red wine aficionados! Grab your glasses because we’ve got the 411 on sip-worthy selections that’ll have you feeling like royalty without breaking the bank. From the budget-friendly to the oh-so-luxe, let’s spill the tea on wines that cater to every budget.

Benton Lane Pinot Noir

Benton Lane Pinot Noir

For those who want to keep it classy on a budget, Benton Lane Pinot Noir is your go-to at $30. Picture this: vibrant notes of ripe cherry, cranberry, and raspberry mixed with dried blueberries and lively summer herbs. Grown in Oregon, these grapes bring their A-game, delivering a full, plush texture and balanced tannins. It’s like a sip of elegance that won’t have you reaching for your emergency credit card.

Leviathan California Red Wine 2019 

Leviathan California Red Wine 2019

At $40, the 2019 Leviathan is the A-lister of California wines, taking you on a tour of Coombsville, Red Hills, Moon Mountain, Fountain Grove, and the Sierra Foothills. This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Petite Syrah, and Cabernet Franc showcases an intense mix of boysenberry, black cherry, and plum, with earthy notes that scream main character energy.

Duckhorn Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 

Duckhorn Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Hold on to your wine glasses, darling! Duckhorn Vineyards is dropping the mic with the 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon at $84. This Napa Valley masterpiece is a blend of 83% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Merlot, and a dash of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. It’s the wine equivalent of a red carpet entrance, with aromas of black Mission fig, black raspberry, and chocolate. Approachable in its youth, this Cabernet is aging like a fine wine, offering a seamless balance between fruit, oak, and tannins. 


Whether you’re popping bottles for a glam occasion or just want to treat yourself without the guilt, these luxury red wines are here to make you feel like the star you are. Uncork, unwind, and allow the red wine to make a grand entrance to the table – because every pour is a VIP affair.

Sierra Nevada’s Trail Pass Non-Alcoholic Beer

As the air gets crisp and February unfolds, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. invites you to embark on a different kind of adventure—one that doesn’t involve alcohol removal but promises the full-bodied, craft beer experience you crave. Introducing Trail Pass, a game-changer that proves you don’t need the buzz to savor the craft spirit.

James Conery, the Innovation Brewmaster at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., puts it best: “If a craft drinker is looking for that non-alc option but still wants a complete beer experience, this is gonna do it for them.”

Trail Pass IPA

Trail Pass IPA: Non-Stop Hoppy Excitement

Step into a world where non-alcoholic doesn’t mean compromising on flavor. Trail Pass IPA is a journey of hoppy delight, featuring Amarillo®, Bravo, Cascade, CTZ, and Magnum hops. With less than 0.5% ABV, it’s a testament to the craft spirit, delivering the citrus and pine notes you’d expect from a world-class Sierra Nevada IPA. All this is packed into a mere 95 calories.

Trail Pass Golden

Trail Pass Golden: A Golden Ticket to Refreshment

Grab your Trail Pass and dive into the smooth malt and crisp finish of Trail Pass Golden. This refreshing easy-drinker boasts floral and citrus notes, thanks to Bravo, Cascade, and Centennial hops. Clocking in at less than 0.5% ABV and a mere 95 calories, it’s a golden ticket to guilt-free indulgence.