Rosé Roundup: Your Summer Sipping Squad!

H&B Provence Rose
July 1, 2024

Sunshine? Check. Pool floats inflated? Double check. But wait, something’s missing! Fear not, fellow fun-seekers, because here is your new summer squad: a crew of cool, refreshing rosés ready to rock your pool parties, picnics, and patio hangs!

H&B Provence Rosé: The Chic & Charming One

H&B Provence Rosé

First up, the H&B Provence Rosé. Imagine yourself lounging poolside in the French Riviera (okay, maybe your backyard, but close your eyes and work with us!). This Provençal beauty boasts a blend of grapes that whisper flavors of fennel, anise, and purple flowers. Think sophisticated with a side of “ooh la la!”

Natura Rosé: The All-Natural Rockstar

Natura Rosé

Feeling virtuous? Natura Rosé is your jam! Made with 100% organic grapes from Chile’s Central Valley, this eco-friendly sipper bursts with bright red fruit flavors and a touch of sweetness. Perfect for the health-conscious party animal who wants to keep things light and fun.

The Pale Rosé: The Sophisticated Social Butterfly

The Pale Rosé

Sometimes, you crave a taste that’s both fancy and affordable (because let’s face it, pool parties can get pricey!). The Pale Rosé swoops in to save the day! This pale pink wonder from Provence delivers classic Provençal character without burning a hole in your wallet. It’s basically the life of the party – sophisticated, but down to have a good time.

Fleurs de Prarie: The Wildflower Whisperer

Fleurs de Prarie

Fleurs de Prarie, which translates to “wildflowers” in French, captures the carefree spirit of the sunny Languedoc region. This delightful rosé bursts with flavors of red fruit, lemon, and a hint of tropical fruit, making it the perfect companion for a laid-back afternoon basking in the summer sun.

Food Pairings for Your Rosé Crew

  • H&B Provence Rosé: Channel your inner Parisian and pair this with fancy finger foods like fougasse bread, gourmet anchovies, or marinated olives.
  • Natura Rosé: Keep things light and healthy with grilled fish, chicken, or a refreshing summer salad bursting with colorful veggies.
  • The Pale Rosé: This versatile sipper loves company! Pair it with light appetizers, a charcuterie board piled high with meats and cheeses, or tangy goat cheese.
  • Fleurs de Prarie: Let the sunshine vibes flow! This rosé complements lighter dishes beautifully, so think grilled veggies, fresh fruit skewers, or grilled fish drizzled with olive oil and fresh herbs.

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