Wines for a Fall Picnic

fall wines for picnics
November 7, 2022

With cooler weather, it’s nice to be outside with friends. There’s nothing better than great food, a big blanket, good company, and best of all, wine! Find out more about what wines you should add to your picnic basket this fall here: 

Diora Chardonnay

Diora Chardonnay has a beautiful, pale golden hue with tropical aromas of pineapple and hints of ripe apricot, creme brûlée, and pear. This wine has delicate flavors that are perfect to share with friends on a Fall day!

Diora Pinot Noir 

Diora Pinot Noir is soft and velvety with a full-bodied mouthfeel. The palate unfolds with decadent layers of chocolate-covered dark red cherries, and a hint of wild sage. This pinot noir is great to pair with just about anything.

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