Wine Pairing for Thanksgiving Sides

Wine pairing for Thanksgiving sides
November 19, 2021

It’s that time again! Thanksgiving is here and we’re gearing up for a fantastic feast. But what about the wine? That’s where we come in! Check out our recommended wine pairing for Thanksgiving sides. 


Whether you’re having charcuterie, a salad course, or a spread of dips, some bubbles will add a good bit of excitement to your dinner. Plus, toasting some champagne is a great way to get the Thanksgiving party started. Our recommendation? Neyah Sparkling wine. 


Especially if you’re making a sausage stuffing, a Merlot like Skyfall will pair perfectly. 

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes, especially with a maple glaze or marshmallow topping pairs well with a rich chardonnay. 

Pumpkin pie

Now for the sweet stuff! Pumpkin pie pairs perfectly with some port (say that five times fast!). Tough to say, but easy to see why it’s a great pairing. 


Because of corn’s sweetness, it pairs well with a chardonnay or a rich viognier. 


Whether it’s cranberry sauce from a can or a homemade cranberry chutney, these flavors pair perfectly with a Zinfandel such as Goldschmidt Vineyards’ Fidelity Zinfandel. 

Apple pie

A sweet Riesling like Trimbach goes perfectly with a warm slice of apple pie.

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