Our Favorite Rosé for Spring Picnics

March 21, 2022

The weather is warming up! Do you know what that means? It’s time for picnics and rosé every day. As spring quickly approaches, we wanted to share our favorite rosé for spring picnics – House Wine Rosé Bubbles. 

Here’s why it makes the perfect beverage for your next picnic: 

Easy to Transport 

House Wine Rosé Bubbles are served in the perfect, pink transportable cans that make them easy to throw in a picnic basket and head to the park. 


They are also delicious! This rosé is crisp and elegant with aromas of fresh berries that lead to lively citrus flavors on the palate. And, not to mention, they are gluten-free and two cans equal an entire bottle. 

Pairs Perfectly with Picnic Foods 

Lastly, House Wine Rosé Bubbles pairs perfectly with sushi, soft cheeses, bread, and fruits (aka great picnic foods). 

The next time you head to the park for a spring picnic, don’t forget to pick up a few cans!

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