Flowers Pinot Noir: Your Go-To Wine for Thanksgiving Pairing

wine for Thanksgiving pairing
November 11, 2020

No Thanksgiving feast is complete without a good wine pairing. Our go-to recommendation for a wine for Thanksgiving pairing this year is Flowers Pinot Noir. 

“Beautiful dark berries with ripe strawberries and hints of decadence and richness.”

Why we love it:

First off, it has a James Suckling wine score of 94 points!

The Sonoma Coast’s terrain, elevation, and proximity to the Pacific Ocean create a Pinot Noir with fresh, bright red fruit, coastal acidity, and complex minerality. 

You’ll taste bright red cherry and raspberry, combined with hints of ground clove spice and even graham cracker. According to Flowers, “nuances of graphite and sea salt bring another dimension that come together with a bright acidity driving a long, lively finish.”

It’s also farmed sustainably and fermented with 100% native yeast. There’s minimal intervention in the cellar, so it’s about as pure as it gets. 

Just look at that color!

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Why we love the winery: 

Flowers is a small, family-owned vineyard on the Sonoma Coast. It’s known for its farming practices, coastal influences, and high standards. 

According to Flowers, “every Flowers wine is made to express the land where it was farmed. Our coastal proximity and high-elevation vineyards give our wine its distinct minerality and fresh acidity.”

Why it’s the perfect Thanksgiving wine pairing: 

The bright red berries paired with the hints of cloves and graham crackers make this wine perfect for a Thanksgiving spread. It’s packed with all the juiciness and harvest spices that you could want with a Thanksgiving meal.

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