Best Game Day Beer Pairings

Best Game Day Beer Pairings
January 21, 2022

What’s better than Super Bowl Sunday? Food and beer on Super Bowl Sunday. Check out the best game-day beer pairings in the game: 

Chips and Guac & Orange And Brew Pilsner – Omaha Brewing Company

Chips and guac are a game day essential. Light, citrusy beers like pilsners pair perfectly with the taste of guacamole. The Orange and Brew Pilsner is a malt base brewed with traditional German noble jobs creating a crisp and refreshing lager infused with fresh orange peels. 

Chicken Wings & Extra Stout – Guinness

For spicy wings, a stout makes a great pairing to cool the palate! The Extra Stout Guinness is a perfect rounded flavor of bitter and sweet with a slight bite leading to a dry finish. 

Hot Dogs & Hefeweizen – Yazoo Brewing Company

Hot dogs can pretty much pair with any type of beer and still taste excellent. They pair especially well with lighter beers like hefeweizens or Belgian white ales. The Yazoo Hefeweizen is made with mostly wheat malt and uses a true Hefeweizen yeast that gives it a fruity banana aroma with just a hint of cloves. 

Pimento Cheese & Altair IPA – Wild Heaven Craft Beers

Creamy pimento cheese is a crowd favorite at a game day party, especially when paired with a hoppy IPA. Before you head into Super Bowl Sunday, make sure you pick up a pack of Wild Heaven Altair. Altair features a bright hop flavor without bitterness. 

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