3 Ways to Drink Guinness

March 18, 2022

This St. Patrick’s Day, try changing it up and sipping your Guinness a few different ways. Here are our 3 favorite ways to drink Guinness: 

The Snakebite Guinness

The Snakebite Guinness isn’t as dangerous as it sounds! This beer cocktail is a mixture of Guinness Draught and Woodchuck Amber cider. Here’s how to make it: 

  1. Fill half of a tall beer glass with Woodchuck Amber cider and insert the back of a spoon into the glass with the tip of the spoon touching the glass right above the cider line. Then, pour the Guinness Draught over the spoon until the glass is full of liquid. 
  2. Give the beverage a moment to settle into the glass, and you will see the cider separate from the Guinness. 
  3. Enjoy! 

Black and Tan Guinness 

A Black and Tan Guinness gives you the luxury of enjoying two completely different Guinnesses in the same glass. For this Guinness drink, all you have to do is fill a tall beer glass half full with Guinness Extra Stout and half with Guinness Golden Ale. 

Black Velvet Guinness 

This Guinness cocktail is the unusual pairing of Guinness Extra Stout and champagne. The combination was first discovered in 1861 to mark Prince Albert’s death when a London steward declared that champagne should still be drunk in mourning. This tasty cocktail is typically served in a champagne flute with two parts bubbly to one part Guinness.

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