How to Hold A Wine Glass

March 7, 2023

When drinking wine, it’s essential to know how to hold your wine glass properly. Learning how to properly hold your wine glass can enhance your overall wine experience by preserving the wine’s temperature, keeping the glass clean, and maintaining the overall flavor. Here are a few different ways you should hold your wine glass: 

How to Hold A Wine Glass 

Pinch at Base 

Use your forefinger and thumb to grab the glass around where the stem and base meet. This helps avoid changes in the wine’s temperature and allows more control when swirling the wine. 

Pinch at Stem

Hold the glass at the stem, almost as if you were holding a mug by its handle. The less contact with the wine glass, the better. Your hands give off heat, and too much skin contact can alter the wine’s temperature and characteristics of the wine. 

How to Not Hold a Wine Glass 

Hold By the Bowl 

Never hold a wine glass by the bowl. The heat from your hands can affect the temperature of the wine. Also, skin oils from other food remains can change your perception of the wine. Holding a wine glass by the bowl can affect the wine experience and alter the wine’s taste.

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