Best Wine and Beer for Patio Sitting

best wine and beer for patio
April 20, 2021

As we head fully into spring, it’s safe to say we’re all ready for a good patio hang. Next time the weather (and pollen!) allow you to hang out on your patio, choose one of these drinks to get the best experience. 

Roscato Cans

These wines are “good to go.” The Rosso, Rosé, and Moscato are great options for any patio. They’re fun, fresh, delicious, and so easy to drink. Grab one today! 

Minuty rosé

You can’t go wrong with a good rosé! This one is a blend of grenache and cinsault. It’s aromatic, crisp, and round, and boasts notes of peach and candied orange. Minuty says it’s “a splendid, pleasurable wine.”

Bota Breeze

You’ve had Bota Box before, but have you tried Bota Breeze? Whether it’s pinot grigio, rose, or a red blend, Bota’s got you covered with a light and refreshing, low-carb, low-calorie wine. Bota Box Breeze says it’s “the perfect sidekick for wherever life takes you.”

Day Drinking Cans

These canned wines were created by the musical band Little Big Town. Canned wine + country songs = the perfect patio pair. Day Drinking says their canned wine spritzers offer a “convenient and delicious way to enjoy wine anywhere and anytime.”

Fat Bottom Wallflower Spring Saison

It’s all in the name—this brew is perfect for the spring! It takes a classic saison recipe and introduces a hint of prickly pear for a subtle sweetness and vibrant color. 

Arctic Chill

It’s tough to have a list of drinks perfect for spring patio hangs without talking about at least one seltzer! This one’s perfect for the true seltzer lovers. It’s created with actual Polar Seltzer and is crisp, refreshing, and delicious.

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